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Home Security Plans That Fit Your Needs

Here are the most popular reasons why people get a smart home security system. Find which system and provider fit your needs.

Protect Your Family

Whether you’re at home or away, be sure that your family is safe

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Monitor Your Pet’s Well-Being

Keep a close eye on your furry friends and ensure they’re safe and entertained

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Protect Your Valuables

Home security systems have shown to deter up to 90% of burglaries

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Remote Access To Home

Stay in control of your home no matter where you are

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Save Utility Bill Costs

Optimize appliance and energy usage with smart home automation

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Reduce Homeowner's Insurance

Get a reduction on your insurance premium with professional monitoring

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We can find the best deals on home security plans for you

Most people are intimidated by home security plans because they think it’s too expensive or misunderstand their needs. We can help find the right plan so you don’t overpay for equipment you don’t need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on the FBI’s burglary statistics, nearly 2 million burglaries occur each year. On average, that’s roughly one burglary occurring every 15 seconds. These statistics and other factors, like the safety of your neighborhood, should be considered when deciding to purchase home security for your home and family. You can check the burglary statistics of your city, state, and compare it to the national averages when you enter your zip code to see home security plans.

Home automation allows you to control certain Wi-Fi-enabled, or “smart” devices in your home from any mobile device around the world. Some of these devices include thermostats, light bulbs, smoke/fire detection devices, water sprinkler systems, electrical outlets, modems, and more. By pairing home automation with your security system, you’re able to control and monitor door locks, windows, surveillance cameras, and more with the same functionality as your other smart appliances. In most cases, you can link all your devices into one application making it easy for you to manage and be alerted with real-time updates from your home.

Most insurance providers will offer reduced premiums or discounts on your homeowner’s insurance by securing your home. The best way to check if a discount would be applied to your monthly premium is to call your insurance provider and ask what kind of discount they can offer you. Expenses can pile up fast as a homeowner, so with little effort it’s very rewarding to see if you can reduce any costs while also protecting your home.

The term home security doesn’t just apply to houses; it also applies to renters that are leasing apartments or condos. All renters have valuable possessions that aren’t worth losing, and are just as vulnerable to theft as homeowners are, if not more. A simple setup with just a few window locks and surveillance cameras can give you the peace of mind of having a fully secure home for your family, pets, and possessions.

This varies depending on the home security system you have. If you installed the system yourself, in most cases, you own the equipment outright and are able to bring that with you to your new location. If you are under contract with a home security provider and had professional installation, you’ll need to contact that provider and see what they can do for you. In some cases they will leave the security system there for the new homeowner moving in and set you up with a new system at your new location, or help you reinstall your current system at your new location for free or at a discounted rate.

In the past few years, home security systems have gone through major updates in functionality and accessibility. Some of the best features would include wireless accessibility (being able to monitor your security system from anywhere in the world), cellular backup (security systems monitored on a cellular signal which alert monitoring centers if the landline is cut, or phone signals are down), and surveillance technology. These features not only give you a secure connection for monitoring centers to guard your home, but also gives you complete access to your home whenever, wherever you are.

Possibly – this depends on whether or not you have pet immune motion sensors guarding your house. Movement patterns from pets have been carefully analyzed and programmed by home security companies to distinguish pets from potential threats. For most of these pet immune sensors, there are weight restrictions that should be carefully noted when securing your home. For the best information about which pet immune sensors to use, please contact your security company.

Most home security systems require landlines to operate and monitor your home, however now they do offer wireless monitoring through cell towers and cellular signals. The best way to find out whether or not you can equip your home without a phone is to contact your security company.