The overall "Secure Rank" Company Score is based on the following analysis:

1 Review Index Score

This score is determined by the quantity and especially the quality score of consumer reviews on major review sites. Below are the criteria that make up this score:

Star Rating of Reviews – The average 1-5 star score of a company’s published consumer reviews.

Number of Reviews – The total number of reviews that have been published about a company.

2Quality Index Score

This score is determined by comparing how a company stacks up against the rest of the companies in its industry in the following categories:

Contract & Pricing – The affordability of any fee a company charges its customers on a recurring or one-time basis.

Equipment – The reliability and number of useful features of the equipment provided.

Monitoring – The quality of a company’s monitoring service based on response time and customer service.

Technological Integration – The number of other brands that the company’s equipment integrates with.

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