Alarm monitoring establishes quick communication between the central station of a security provider and your home security system. An emergency event is registered by your control panel, and a signal is sent to the monitoring station. Thus the authorities know about the event and they take measures. In short, this is what is alarm monitoring.

Although all security providers do not have the same technical specifics, the basics are similar in all home security systems. The center of censors is your system control panel, and the panel contains motion detectors, window or door sensors, smoke detectors, and specialized temperature.

When any of these sensors is triggered, your system sends a signal to the monitoring station. And what is alarm monitoring station supposed to do when it receives signals? It takes appropriate measures to prevent accidents. Signals are usually sent via the telephone line. There are also some alarms monitoring systems with backup transmission options. So, what is alarm monitoring systems supposed to do?  They are supposed to save your life and property.

In your home, there are a host of alarm devices, and the alarm panel is in fact the command center for all those devices. There are manual buttons and codes in the alarm panel, and they supply information.

How does the alarm panel receive emergency signals?

When an intruder is detected by a sensor, the sensor sends a signal to both the alarm panel and the monitoring center. It can happen in a couple of ways. If the communication relies on the traditional phone line, the mechanism is like that of a fax machine. The phone line is taken over by the alarm, and it contacts the monitoring station. The communication takes place via wireless connection. Landline connections are not as fast as cellular connections.

Land lines are no longer used widely, and as a result cellular communication has become highly popular. Without cellular communication, what is alarm monitoring these days? Land lines also cause hazards, and so they are not being used widely. People can cut landlines, and as a result transmission of signals can be prevented.

What do monitoring centers do?

Monitoring centers play a very important role. In fact, they save lives. When a signal arrives, multiple actions are taken promptly. 2-way voice is installed in the system. On your panel, the speaker opens up, and you are directly addressed by the responding representative. You can then alert them telling that the alarm is set off. If the emergency is real, you can supply your pass code. In this way, an intruder can be detected. Two-way voice communication has some other benefits. For alarm events, it can use audio verification. Police responses get higher priority. It also reduces false alarms.

If the monitoring is not done with a 2-way voice, they dial your home or business it was activated. In the absence of an answer, the contact your emergency contacts, and dispatch the proper authorities. What is alarm monitoring if it can not dispatch authorities to save your life and property?

There are, however, exceptions to this process. Sometimes you have to press the buttons manually. Medical, fire and police buttons are directly depressed on the panel. If you hold down these buttons for 3 seconds, it signifies that the dispatch of the authorities is meant to be automatic.

You can use a panic code upon request. It can also be programmed according to the instructions. No one but you is supposed to know the panic code. And you use it only when it is necessary to disarm the system. The system will disarm when you enter your duress code. The monitoring station is alerted by this different code, and the situation determines how the authorities will be dispatched. This is what is alarm monitoring, if you can use it this way.

When you have an un-monitored security system

DIY systems are getting popular everywhere. Many systems do not have any monthly monitoring, and as a result you have to pay only the equipment cost up front. If you like DIY systems, it may work for you. When there is no monitoring system, you have to deal with emergency situations on your own.

This is what is alarm monitoring, in reality. If there are crime activities in your locality, you may want to get an alarm system. You will be alerted that there is an intruder if you have a non-monitored system. You have to decide to protect your children first or call the police.

You may receive a text message when you are sleeping. You may be on vacation. That is why a system that only lets you know of an imminent danger is not enough. A professional monitoring can protect your family from dangers.

People like home security systems because they alert the police when something dangerous happens. A text message can not do anything if your house is already set on fire. It can not prevent the fire. But this is what is alarm monitoring is designed to do. If you have professional monitoring, the authorities are on their way when something bad happens. This is extra protection and you badly need it.

Different types of alarm monitoring

When you are going to purchase an alarm monitoring system, you should know a few things about alarm monitoring. There are different types of them. In the past few decades, alarm monitoring technology has come a long way. Below we are going to discuss different type of alarm monitoring systems.

Hardwired systems

This is one of least expensive options of alarm monitoring systems. However, although hardwired home security systems are cheap, they have some downsides. To install a hardwired alarm monitoring, you need a telephone landline. The monitoring service is notified via the telephone landline. This is what is alarm monitoring based on hardwired systems.

Internet-based alarm systems

The components of internet-based alarm systems can be wireless, hardwired, or a combination of both. This system uses internet connection to send signals from the control panel to the monitoring service.

This is what is alarm monitoring that uses the internet. This system obviously has some advantages. When you have a router or modem, you do not need to worry about wires, because there is no wire and thieves will not be able to cut any.

Cellular alarm systems

Cellular alarm systems are safer than other types of systems, and they have become highly popular in recent years. These alarm systems do not require a telephone landline. But what is alarm monitoring that works by using a telephone landline?

The use cell phone towers and the alarm is transmitted from the control panel to the monitoring service.  But to use cellular alarm systems, you need cable internet connection or a DSL.

Wireless alarm systems

These alarm monitoring systems are often referred to as ‘all-in-one systems. You need a telephone landline to use wireless home security alarm systems. The specialty of this system is that neither the door contacts nor the sensors use any wire. You will find it easy to install wireless alarm systems. They are also easy to move.

Reasons to install alarm monitoring

If you own a business, an alarm monitoring system can help you in many ways. In the past, security systems had a lot of limitations. They worked only if there was someone to take care of the system. Today, alarm monitoring is much smarter. Here are some of the benefits, to give you some ideas of what is alarm monitoring capable of doing.

Automatic police notification

If an intruder tries to break in your house, your local police will be automatically notified. The monitoring system will also explain to the police what is actually happening. The process is very fast, and you literally do not have to do anything. Before you know anything about it, the police will be on their way to catch the intruder.

Protection from fire

If you have alarm monitoring installed in your home, it will watch over your house for fires. What is alarm monitoring doing here to prevent fires? The fire department will be immediately called when the smoke detectors go off. Before something goes wrong, the emergency services will be on the way to your house.

A business security system also works in the same way. There is another great thing about alarm monitoring systems. The fire department will not be automatically contacted if your smoke detector goes off by accident. To confirm that the fire has been caused by accident, you have a small amount of time. 

Peace of mind

To ensure your peace of mind, security companies are now offering 24/7 monitoring system. Whenever something goes wrong, the security team will call you to know if everything is alright. They will ask you if they can provide any assistance. No matter what the mishap is, they will always be there to help you. You will have some peace of mind knowing that there are people willing and ready to provide you with the much needed help.

Constant protection

Once you have an alarm monitoring system installed in your house, you can feel comfortable staying anywhere. Whether it is night or day, you will feel safe and less worried because a trained security expert will always watch over your home.

You will not have to worry about the safety of your family or coworkers. There are many home monitoring systems that can effectively monitor your home or business. This is what is alarm monitoring capable of doing for the safety of your home and property.

Criminal deterrent

When criminals target your home, they try their best not to get caught. If criminals know that your house is protected by alarm monitoring, they are less likely to make an attempt to break into your home.

The police also find it easier to handle cases of break-ins if your house is protected by alarm monitoring. You may ask, what is alarm monitoring doing to deter criminals? The answer is, alarm monitoring can serve as an evidence of a break in.