Homeowners around the world are now using technology to safeguard their homes. In recent years, for a host of reasons, smart locks have become wildly popular. They provide safety, connectivity, convenience and above all, peace of mind. This keyless system amazingly simplifies the entry procedures.

In just a decade, mobile phones have evolved a lot. Gone are the days when the data on mobile phones could be guarded by only a 4-digit pin. Now you can use characters, letters, numbers and patterns. One of the benefits of smart locks is that you can control them with your smartphone. And it makes the processes of locking and unlocking amazingly convenient. In this post, we will focus on the benefits of smart locks.

Increased accessibility

Among the commonly misplaced items, house keys come first. We often lose keys and waste a lot of time looking for them. But when you have smart locks, you no longer have to keep track of your keys. You do not have to worry about losing house keys. The authentication of smart locks is very convenient.

Increased accessibility is one of the most appealing benefits of smart locks. Many families share sets of keys with family members, and smart locks can be very useful for them. Smart locks eliminate safety hazards, because you no longer have to leave a spare on your house. And you do not have to worry about burglars trying to break into your house.

Simplified control on protection

Smart locks, as user-friendly innovations, can ease your daily life. These locks use unique access codes, allowing you to track certain people who enter your home. You can also know from which entrance they enter. You can enjoy more security and functionality if you pair smart locks with smart doorbells.

Depending on the time the doors are locked, you can activate and deactivate the security system. This is among the well-know benefits of smart locks. And if you use an intercom system, you can have a two-way conversation with the people who visit your home. You can know who is at the door because you can visually verify them. When a visitor arrives, you receive alerts. It makes the technology so appealing.

Smart locks have become highly popular with homeowners by providing added safety and security. They are now providing security to homes, office buildings and hotels. Once you get used to smart locks, you will no longer go back to traditional locks. It is true that smart locks are not as affordable as traditional locks, but if is highly important for you, you will not hesitate to invest in a smart lock.

Operated via smartphones

Your security becomes stronger when you have virtual keys. Locking and unlocking your doors become easier. When the door opens, you can turn on lights. Some other functionality can be added. One of the benefits of smart locks is that you can control the locks using a simple smartphone application.

You can handle the locks with your Android or Apple device. With the smartphone app, you can simultaneously control other home devices.   You can also update the access codes any time, anywhere, because the locks are computer programmable. You just need to have a smartphone and internet access. In case of emergency, you can easily change the PIN.

Heightened connectivity

When your smart locks are integrated into your security system, you enjoy heightened connectivity with other devices. Even if you are away from home, you can easily lock and unlock your doors. If there are suspicious activities, you will be notified by your integrated home automation system. This is one of the main benefits of smart locks.

If you are looking for a better way to safeguard your property, smart locks can be very useful for you. You can easily identify a person standing at the door, without opening the door. For this, you just need to install a video surveillance camera. When something is amiss, you will receive alerts on your smartphone. And whenever someone tries to temper with your smart locks, you will receive security alerts.

Integration of other technologies

There are different brands of smart locks in the market, and hopefully you will find one that suits your purpose. If you need added security, these smart locks can be very useful for you. It may not be possible for you to personally check all the people who enter your home.

Smart locks can enable you to authorize certain people, and remotely keep track of their entry. The process may sound complicated, but the concept is really simple. Your day to day life does not change, but you can be more aware of the people who arrive and leave your home. Adding a variety of features, you can make your smart lock work the way you want.

Other reasons to choose smart locks

Most of us have smartphones these days. And we have already noted that smart locks can be controlled by smartphones. One of the main benefits of smart locks is that you can integrate other technologies such as keypad password, biometrics scanning, and card swipe. As a result, the locks can provide very high level of security. Not every person can go through the doors of your house. Only the authorized persons can pass through the doors.   

If you wish, you can integrate your door locks into other devices such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Nest and Google Home IFTTT. If your advanced locking mechanisms are combined with sound-detecting software, you no longer need to worry about the safety and security of your home. Among the benefits of smart locks, integration into other devices is a notable one. Whenever an unauthorized person gains access to your home, you will be notified immediately.

These days, smart locks come with WiFi and Bluetooth features. The combination of these features helps your home devices run smoothly. Whenever a door is opened, you will get a notification or security alert.  

Convenient for elderly people

If there is an elderly or physically impaired person in your house, you will find smart locks very useful. Like some other digital devices, smart locks have made life more comfortable for elderly or disabled people. You can open smart locks with a smartphone, and that makes these locks so convenient for physically impaired people. Elderly people will no longer have to worry about losing keys, because smart locks eliminate the need for physical keys.

So, we can see there are strong reasons why smart locks have become so widely popular. There are many benefits of smart locks, and newer versions of those locks are being released regularly. If the safety of your home is really important for you, do not replace your traditional locks with smart locks. Although smart locks are a bit expensive, they will pay back in the long run.