We trust our security companies to protect us. After all, you’re paying them all that money; that equipment ought to do what it says it’s supposed to do! Sadly, some security companies are lowering the bar every day.

Homeowner Danielle McDermott learned that the hard way when an intruder pried open a window, climbed in, and escaped with thousands of dollars worth of property including a wedding ring. She did everything right: her windows had window contacts to detect unauthorized window entry and she remembered to arm her system before she left.

It wasn’t enough.unsecured-adt

Ten minutes after she left, a man rang her doorbell twice to test if she was home. Not long after, he pried open a window

But this is the crazy part:

The alarm didn’t go off.

McDermott’s harrowing revelation that her security system wasn’t secure at all has taken a severe toll on her emotional well-being.

“I had many things that were very important to me, but more than anything it was also a violation of my home. It’s something that was very obviously upsetting and it took me a long time to process,” McDermott said.

Rather than apologize and promise to fix this security flaw, ADT simply give her a $500 voucher and closed the case. We urge ADT to investigate the safety of their window contacts so that their millions of customers around the nation can sleep soundly again.