We often overlook the garage when considering home security. As a result, thieves and burglars find it easy to target garages. Whether you own or live in a rented one, you may be wondering how to burglar proof your garage door. In this post, we will provide some tips to help you secure your garage.

Use a zip tie

Having a fancy garage door is not enough to deter thieves and burglars. In fact, they can break in your door within a few minutes. How do they do it? They can reach the release hanger by using a simple coat hanger. But you should not panic. There are ways to figure out how to burglar proof your garage door. Using a cheap and simple zip tie can help you protect your garage.

How to burglar proof your garage door greatly depends on how effectively you use a zip tie. When you connect a zip tie to a loop in the latch, thieves can not disable your automatic door and as result they can not gain entry. There are tutorials to teach you to use a zip tie. The emergency pull can also be removed altogether to solve this problem. But you should also consider that you will take some more time to release the door if you have an emergency.

Disable door functions and cover all windows

You should entirely cover all the windows of your garage door. Thieves and burglars will find it hard to look into the area, and they will not be able to gain entry. You just have to make sure that the inside of the garage is not easily visible. To deter an entry attempt, you can also use window tint, pieces of dark paper or contact paper. Burglars will also find it very hard to gain entry if the lock release lever can be disabled effectively. You can open the door only manually when it is unhooked. In the main carriage, if there is no hole, you can add one via a drill.

Use a professional security system

You can protect your garage against invasion if you use a security system. There are various types of security systems and you can choose from them. Ensuring security is easy and simple if you use a security system.  There are security systems that can protect not only your garage but also the entire house.

Some amazing solutions include security camera hookups, alarm systems, motion sensing and remote monitoring. You can learn more about these security systems so that you can decide which one to use and how to burglar proof your garage door and your entire home.

Keep a radio on

If a burglar tries to sneak into your house and hears a noise, probably he will not keep going. That is why you should turn on a radio in your garage. If the radio is on, it indicates that there is a human in the garage. Burglars will not take a risk.

That is how to burglar proof your garage door by keeping a radio on. If a radio is always on in your garage, it will use very little power, but it is worth investing in. Make sure the volume of the radio is low, so that does not become a nuisance for you.

Keep windows frosted

If burglars can clearly see what is inside your garage, they are more likely to break into your garage. To increase privacy, you can use a paint spray to frost the windows. To make sure that thieves can burglars can not peek inside the windows, you can also install shades.

If you are still wondering how to burglar proof your garage door, the answer may be as simple as keeping the windows frosted. Less visibility can deter a potential burglar from entering into your garage.

Consider installing motion-detecting lights

This is one of the most convenient ways to deter potential burglars from breaking into your garage. You may not still know how to burglar proof your garage door by installing motion-detecting lights.

For your information, it works this way: when someone approaches your garage door, motion detecting lights turn on automatically and lets you know that someone is prowling around. Needless to say, these lights can alert you when a potential burglar is trying to break into your garage. Motion-detecting lights can be really helpful.

Avoid using an exterior keypad

There are many garage doors with security keypads that can be used when you want to open the door with a code. If there is security keypad on your garage door, make sure it is highly secured. If potential burglars can guess the entry code, they will easily enter the garage.

You may need to deal with other problems. The batteries may run out or the keypad may get destroyed. It is even better if you can completely avoid installing an exterior keypad. Rather, keep the remote in your bag.

Never leave the door open

This is one of the best and obvious ways how to burglar proof your garage door. This simple act can deter burglars. But many of us forget to close the door and leave it open. When you are working outside casually or simply going out of your house, it is easy to leave the garage door open.

How to burglar proof your garage door depends on your particular situation, but an open garage door invites burglars. Burglars may enter the garage, and the outcome may shock you. In most cases, burglary takes place when the garage door is open.

Do not keep the door remote inside your car

This is another effective way to prevent break-ins. Whether you are away or at home, your garage door remote may get stolen, and burglars will have easy access to your home. To make sure that it is easy to keep the remote with you, consider purchasing a key fob remote. Carry the remote the way you carry your other keys. In the first few days, it may feel like a nuisance, but after some time you will get used to it.

Lock your garage windows

When you lock your garage door, do not forget to lock your garage windows too. When you get to work, check if the garage windows are locked. Lock the garage windows also when you are on vacation. You have to exert a small effort, but it can ensure the safety of your garage.

But locking your windows may not be enough. You should also install video security cameras and put up a sticker on the windows stating that the garage is protected by security cameras.

Keep your garage well-maintained

The overall maintenance of your garage should be taken seriously. Accidents happen without any warning, and that is why they are called accidents. No matter how many measures you take to secure your garage, it may still be targeted by thieves and burglars, if the infrastructure of your garage is weak.

If your garage was built years ago, make sure you take care of it. A dilapidated garage is an easy target, and that is why you should take care of its maintenance. Consider renovation of your garage if it is an old building.

If you want to secure your garage, you must spend some time for this purpose. Hopefully the home security tips above will help you keep thieves and burglars away from your garage.