All homeowners take the security of their homes very seriously, and there are strong reasons for that. We do not want to lose what we have acquired over a long time. Home security gives you peace of mind, which is very important.

If you are planning to go somewhere, you can do that without worrying about the safety of your home. You can control the appliance even when you are away from your home. You will enjoy many more advantages if you manage to implement some home security tips and tricks. Read on to know some useful tips and tricks.

Install a home surveillance system

A home surveillance system can ensure safety of your home from intruders. Well, it may not be a sure way to deter them, but the system will inform you when something bad takes place. There is another benefit: if you have a home surveillance system installed in your home, burglars will stay away from your home.

When you ask for some home security tips and tricks, you will almost always be provided with the idea of installing a home surveillance system. The system involves installing both visible and hidden cameras in your home. Visible cameras are for warning burglars, and hidden cameras are for recording footage of burglary.

Use an alarm monitoring system

An alarm monitoring system works by connecting the alarm system of your home to a central monitoring system. When the alarm rings, a signal is sent to the center. The center automatically contacts the police, and the police are dispatched within a short time.

When it comes to home security tips and tricks, you can not exclude an alarm monitoring system. If there is an active police service in your area, the system works very well. In most cases, you receive help within a few minutes.

Get a guard dog

If you have a guard dog in your house, you will have to worry less about intruders. If you extensively train your guard dog, he will be friendly towards familiar faces and hostile towards strangers. If you are thinking of getting a guard dog, there are many breeds to choose from. This is one of the simplest and most effective home security tips and tricks.

Here are some breeds of guard dogs you can consider: the Caucasian Shepherd, the Bull mastiff, the German shepherd, the Airedale terrier, and the American Staffordshire terrier.    You can choose any one from these breeds. If you already own a guard dog, consider consulting an expert who can train your dog.

Install motion sensor lights

A list of home security tips and tricks is incomplete without motion sensor lights. This is one of the most effective but easy-to-implement home security ideas. If you have lights with motion sensors in your home, burglars will find it very hard to target your home.

If a burglar tries to break into your home, lights will turn on automatically, and that will scare the burglar. Even if you are not very worried about burglars, motion sensor lights will make your home safe, because when you walk in your home in the dark, you will not have to turn on your lights manually; they will turn on automatically.

Burglars usually target a home when the homeowners are away. If you are looking for some home security tips and tricks, seriously consider installing motion sensor lights in your home. Motion sensor lights can protect your house even when you are on a vacation. This system allows you to set up timers. The lights will turn off automatically at certain times, giving burglars an impression that there is someone inside the house.

Install a smart lock

There are a lot of advantages of using a smart lock. The main advantage is that you have control over it even when you are away from home. No matter where you are, you can control it with your smartphone. From a distant place, you can give your guests temporary access.

You can set it up in such a way that regular visitors will get recurring access. No unknown person will be able to access your home without your permission. A smart lock is better than many other home security tips and tricks. Once you have installed a smart lock, you will no longer have to worry about losing your key, because smart locks do not require physical keys.

Use interior door hinges

If there are hinges on the outside of your doors, intruders will gain access very easily by removing the hinge pins. That is why using interior door hinges is important. Install your door hinges in such a way that intruders can not remove them from the outside.

All your hinges should be reset accordingly. Yes, you will have to spend some money for this purpose, but it will help you secure your valuables. When homeowners ask security experts about home security tips and tricks, one of the first things homeowners are advised to do is to install hinges on the inside of the doors.

Install a video doorbell

If you have a video doorbell, you will be able to see people who come to your door. If you also have a smart lock, you will be able to unlock the door remotely. To let your guests in, you will not have to go there physically. Among the home security tips and tricks, a doorbell camera is one of the easily affordable items.

A video doorbell also allows you to see items delivered on your porch. If you are interested in installing a video doorbell, there are a few brands available in the market. You have to choose the one that serves your purpose and is aligned with your budget.

Install deadbolt locks

Experienced burglars will not hesitate to target your home if you have a simple spring-latch lock. Many burglars use a method know as loiding, which involves using a plastic card to depress the latch tongue.

But if you have a deadbolt lock, burglars will not be able to attack your home that way. We can not exclude deadbolt locks when making a list of home security tips and tricks. Yes, deadbolt locks are a bit more expensive, but they are stronger, and they provide greater protection.

For the exterior doors in your house, you should use deadbolt locks which are at least one inch thick. If there is any space between the doors and the frames, intruders will try to find a way to break into your home. So when you are installing deadbolt locks, you have to make sure that there is no such space. You can use metal sheets or plywood to reduce the space. You can easily reinforce the door by fitting London bars to the door frames.

Keep your car in the driveway

If you keep your car in the driveway, a burglar will think twice before targeting your home. If you are going somewhere for a day or two, this trick will work well. Your car in the driveway will give burglars a false impression that there is someone inside the house.

While most other home security tips and tricks require you to purchase and install something, keeping your vehicle in the driveway is something that does not cost you. You can do another thing when you go on a trip. Ask a neighbor to check in on your home for some time, and give him your car keys.  If your car is seen entering and exiting your home, burglars will not want to target your home.

Protect your sliding doors

If there are sliding glass doors in your home, thieves will find them very tempting. Are there petty thieves in your area? There is a risk that they will try to smash your glass window and try to gain access into your apartment. That is why you are recommended not to leave your glass windows and doors bare.

Protecting your sliding doors and windows is among the most effective home security tips and tricks. You should do something to protect them. A good idea is to installs metal bars behind the doors and windows. Even if burglars smash your window, they will not be able to gain access into your apartment.

Invest in window stops

Burglars may try to force windows open and gain access into your home. By simply installing some window stops, you can make it hard for burglars to force your windows open. Once you have installed window stops, nobody will be able to open your windows further after reaching a point.

Investing in window stops is among the simplest home security tips and tricks. But if you have problem finding window stops, there is an alternative for you. A sturdy wooden dowel can serve the same purpose. You just need to place it in the track. Make sure that the wooden dowel is the right length. You can ensure that by measuring the window ahead of time.

Keep ladders and tools secure after use

Even if you live in a relatively safe area, you should always avoid leaving ladders and tools outside using them. In some cases, this habit may bring problems for you. If burglars find pry bars, hammers, big screwdrivers and axes in your yard, they will use these tools as weapons. Burglars may find out ideas to use them and break into your house.

So, after using tools, always lock them in the garage or keep them inside your house. This is a very good advice for homeowners who are looking for some home security tips and tricks. Do not overlook this measure, because this simple act can help you protect your home.

Keep your yard neat

What does an unkempt yard mean? It means that the homeowner is not home and the home is not very secure. So, potential burglars may want to take a chance and target your home. But if your yard is neat all the time, burglars will think twice before targeting your home, because a neat yard gives burglars a clear message that the homeowner is careful about the security of the home. That is why you should request someone to take care of your yard when you are on a lengthy trip.  

Burglars may use thick trees and overgrown shrubs as hiding places. That is why you should mow your lawn and trim bushes regularly. Keeping the yard can be very helpful for those who are looking for some home security tips and tricks. If there are low branches close to your window, cut them off, because they may obscure the view from the window.

Keep at least one light on

This tip may not be as cost effective as other home security tips and tricks, but you should try this. When you are away from your home, you should keep a light on for a couple of reasons. First, it sends a signal to your neighbors that you are at home. And second, it can fool intruders.

They will think that you are at home, and as a result they will not even attempt to break into your home. Installing a light timer can be a good alternative to keeping a light on. If you do so, your lights will turn on and off automatically at certain times. This trick can be more effective for you if you can not return home at a certain time every day.