Learn all about door security bars and door jammers in our simple guide. Find the perfect door security solution to help reinforce your entryways and upgrade your home security.

Buddybar Door Jammer

Manufactured using 16-gauge steel, this door security bar is among the toughest on the market. With the ability to withstand up to 2,560 pounds of force, few of its competitors can come close to the same level of protection.

How is it so strong? The BuddyBar uses no plastic; only steel and rubber is used in the manufacturing process, so you won’t have to worry about variou components breaking under stress.

While most other security bars are a pain to adjust, the Buddybar comes with a lever lock which allows for quick-release.

What we like

  • Tough and Kick-Resistant: Made of heavy-gauge steel instead of aluminum
  • 8-sq-inch Floor Pad: A heavy duty rubber pad adheres strongly to the floor, eliminating the chance of slippage.
  • Adjustable: height can to 36-51 inches and works well on all floor types including wood, carpet, tile, and linoleum.
  • Ease to Remove in an Emergency: In case of an emergency, you can press a “quick release” button to remove the Buddybar

What we don’t like

  • Up to two or three times as heavy as competing products, making it difficult to travel with
  • Can damage the doorknob over time due to high pressure
  • Steel and rubber aren’t cheap, so the Buddybar is accordingly priced higher than most others

SecuraDoor Heavy Duty Security Door Bar

The SecuraDoor Heavy Duty Security Door Bar is made from heavy-duty aluminum alloy and durable thermoplastic elastomer. This means that it is more than five times stronger than comparable products! With over 1 ton of strength behind it, your doors will be totally secured with this device.

The door security bar is specially designed not to do any damage to your floors or door. This is achieved through its absorbent material and specially shaped handle.

A great feature of this door bar is that it can adjust to all door handles and all doorknob heights. According to the International Building Code, this is the only door security brace capable of such adjustments.

This SecuraDoor product is seriously strong, easy to install, versatile, and safe to use on your floors and door, making it the ideal home security upgrade.

What we like

  • Adjusts to all doorknob heights: Securadoor works on all in-swinging hinged doors, both residential and commercial.
  • Incredibly strong build: SecuraDoor has been tested to over 3,000 lbs.
  • Easy installation: Installation is straightforward and the directions are included with the unit.
  • Works with any floor type: Securadoor has been tested on tile floors and found it adheres well when properly installed

What we don’t like

  • Some users report difficulty getting the bar to fit securely underneath their doorknob

The Door Bull

For a unique and powerful door jammer, consider equipping your home with the Door Bull. This cleverly designed product is really simple to use while providing a highly effective new measure of security. If you want to upgrade the safety of your doors without having to use a big security bar, then the Door Bull is for you.

This little device evenly distributes the force of the door through its superior-grade aluminum construction. This door jammer may be small, but it sure does its job in keeping your door securely shut.

You will need to install this product into your doorframe through a simple process. Once installed, simply pop the lock on when you need it to keep your home safe and sound. The product does come with its own handy lock hanger too.

The Door Bull is a smart design that looks great. It is easy to use and effective at holding up against strong forces, and it can be used on practically any kind of hinged door.

What we like

  • Easy to use: comes with everything you need (screws, drill bit, instructions), and is easy and convenient to use every day.
  • Distributes weight really well: It’s stronger, and it helps your door frame do its job by distributing the force more evenly, and at the appropriate angles.
  • Strong build: Superior-grade, aluminum construction.
  • Attractive design

What we don’t like

  • Requires installation, though it’s a simple DIY task
  • Mounting screws could be of higher quality as the screws are easily stripped. Using your own screws if possible.

Securityman 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer

This two-pack of door security bars by Securityman offers you so much value. If you are looking for a security bar that will fit your door—no matter what type of door—then Securityman’s 2-in-1 Adjustable Door Knob Jammer may be your best bet!

The angled rubber bottom of these devices ensures a powerful grip on practically all types of flooring through maintaining full contact. Due to the absorbent rubber, your floors and door will stay well-protected too.

A brilliant feature of these products is that they can be used for hinged doors and sliding doors due to their interchangeable caps. And their 15 different ports make them suitable to fit onto practically any door or window.

The door security bars are made from high-grade iron, and they can withstand 350 pounds of pressure. Clearly, there is no need to worry about someone breaking in when your door is secured with these products.

What we like

  • 2-in-1 functionality: Use this device for two different purposes with easy interchangeable caps for hinged doors and sliding door/window
  • Can be used on hinged or sliding doors: Easy to use to secure either a standard door (with the handle and floor attachments) or sliding glass doors (with the small rubber knob attachments).
  • Many different adjustable height settings
  • Easy assembly

What we don’t like

  • Not easy to remove the rubber ends used for securing sliding glass doors once you put them on
  • Less sturdy compared to competing products

Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar

The Master Lock 265D Door Security Bar may seem like a simple design, but it has been made with many well-thought-out details in order to provide ultimate security and ease of use. The Master Lock 265D door security bar can suit any home or door, making it one of the easiest ways to notch up your personal security measures.

This device can be utilized with hinged or sliding doors due to its easily adjustable design. It also comes with a particularly good range of size adjustments available, which means it fits just about any door or window.

The 265D comes with a pivoting ball joint—a really useful feature to make sure that the bar is firm. This ball joint allows the bar to always stand flat and securely on the floor, making it more difficult to get out of place. This feature also works to better protect your doors and floor surfaces.

What we like

  • Can be used on hinged or sliding doors: Top piece is easily removed for use as a sliding door security bar
  • High stability: Pivoting ball joint ensures door stopper has full contact with the floor and padded foot provides a strong grip without scratching
  • A great number of size adjustments: Door jammer adjusts from 27.5 in. (70 cm) to 42 in. (1.1 m) for application flexibility
  • Robust construction: Door jammer is constructed with 20-gauge steel for strength and security

What we don’t like

  • Would prefer to have a heavy-duty pull pin like they have at the top of the security bar instead of the spring loaded one at the bottom
  • The “foot” that rests against the floor is made of a hard plastic that tends to slip easily on hardwood, tile, or concrete floors.

Why Reinforcing Your Doors is Necessary

If a burglar really wants to get into your home, strong locks and a home security system may not be enough. If you want to secure your home as best as possible, it’s time to consider a door security bar or door jammer.

These products are specially designed to add an extra level of security to one of your home’s most vulnerable areas: the door. About 30% of all burglars enter through a door—it can be an easy target for intruders. Using a good door jammer or security bar will make your door practically impenetrable, provided your door frame is solid as well.

What Are Door Security Bars and Door Jammers?

You can use security bars and door jammers to make sure intruders cannot get through your door. They reinforce your door, keeping it closed when you want it to stay closed.

Door security bars barricade your door for an added level of protection. These bars are often placed across the middle of the door or from the floor to the door handle to prevent anyone from forcing their way through. Door security bars are specially designed to withstand serious weight and force—they’ll keep any unwanted visitors out! Some door security bars are mounted; others are portable and adjustable.

Door jammers are the most common and easy-to-use pieces of added door security. These little angled blocks are placed on the floor against the door to prevent people from breaking in. Even though they are small, they are incredibly strong and will hold your door shut against great force. These offer solid protection, and they can be easily removed in an emergency.

Why Get a Door Security Bar or Jammer?

Door security is often not as effective as it should be. While you may be able to lock your door up safely, burglars tend to know how to get past a lock. If you want to be able to sleep a little more soundly at night knowing that your home is as secure as possible, then consider upgrading your door security.

Door security bars or jammers are one of the most affordable, easy, and accessible ways to upgrade your home security. Simply place them against your door in order to keep it closed should someone get past your locks. This is the best precaution to take in keeping your door properly secured.

Having a door security bar or jammer is the easiest way to make your home as impenetrable as possible—because you never know what might happen on the other side of your door.

What to Look for When Buying a Door Security Device

Choosing the right door security bar or jammer for your needs can be confusing because there are so many products available. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a door security bar or door jammer.

Mounted or portable?

Door security bars can either be installed into your doorway by using hardware, or they can be adjustable and portable.

Both types of door bars have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want a strong option and if you aren’t planning on moving out anytime soon, then consider the mounted bar for maximum strength and security. The adjustable door security bars are great if you may move to another home soon or if you want to switch the door you are securing.

Is it adjustable?

Not all doors are made equal, so it is important to know that your security device will fit your specific requirements. Most door security bars are completely adjustable in order to suit any situation, but make sure the bar will fit your door before making a purchase.

Does it work on both hinged and sliding doors?

If you want to secure both hinged and sliding doors in your home, make sure that your security bar can work with both. Some bars can only work with one type of door, while others come with removable parts so they work with all doors.

Can it keep the door open?

Some door jammers and wedges come with the handy door stop feature of keeping your door open at the desired angle. This can come in useful for many situations around the house, and it may be an aspect to consider before buying a door bar or jammer.

How much force can it take?

Some door security devices are wonderfully portable and easy to use, but they may not have the same strength as bulkier devices. If security is your aim, make sure that your door security bar or jammer can withstand as much force as possible.

Does it suit all floor types?

Before purchasing a door jammer or security bar, check if it can be used on the type of flooring you’ll use it on. Some door security bars may slip a little on tiles, and some jammers may not be as effective on certain surfaces.

Final Thoughts

Your home security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Fortunately, items such as door security bars and door jammers offer a simple and affordable solution for upgrading the level of your home safety.

For ultimate peace of mind and comfort in your home, make sure that your door is locked properly and that your door security device is engaged. Door security bars and door jammers can save you in many different situations, and you never know when they might become necessary.

We hope that this guide helps you to find the perfect product for your home security needs, as proper door safety is a crucial aspect of a peaceful home.