This is the age of technological progress. Latest digital devices are dazzling us every week. The availability of so many amazing devices has made of lives easier and more comfortable.

In recent years, homeowners around the world have shown great interest in home automation. You can automate your home in a lot of ways, and there are plenty of advantages of home automation. The main idea is to run your home while you are away from your home, using a digital device such as a smartphone. When you automate your home, it seemingly has its own thought process. In this post, we will focus on some great advantages of home automation.


Added safety is the main advantage of home automation. It provides safety for both your family members and home. With your smartphone, you can easily control the lighting and small appliances. Home automation helps you know if things are going well. If something is wrong, you will receive a notification on your phone. When you are away from home, you can easily know whether the lights are off. The added safety gives you some peace of mind.


Home automation can add extra layers of security to your house. Yes, security is among the greatest advantages of home automation. Many families are now using automated door locks, partly because they eliminate the need for physical keys. You no longer have to worry about losing and finding your keys. You can remain calm if you leave for work and later can not remember whether you locked your front door.

No matter where you are, you can lock the door with your smartphone. It gives you some peace of mind, and you can focus on what is really important for you. Wherever you are, you always have control over the locks. If someone tries to enter your home, you will be alerted immediately. You can observe your home, even when you are far away.

Awareness through security cameras

It is not possible for us to be everywhere at once. Sometimes things happen in our own home but they remain unnoticed. You can easily observe things as they take place if you have a home automation system.

If you have a security camera installed, you can see people who enter and leave your house. Yes, you can ensure the safety of your house by simply installing security cameras. Security cameras allow you to constantly observe your house, and it is one of the greatest advantages of home automation.

Temperature adjustment

When you are in a hurry, you may leave home without adjusting your thermostat. When you return home, you may find the temperature too cold or too hot. There is no doubt that you will have to spend some time to increase or decrease the temperature of your house.

But adjusting the temperature is a very simple process if you have a home automation system. Temperature adjustment is one of the best advantages of home automation. No matter where you are, you can use your smartphone to adjust the temperature of your home. This is an amazing technological feat. It helps you save energy, and you get some peace of mind.

Saves time

We live in a busy world. Most people have insanely busy schedules. To survive and thrive, we run from place to place, doing a lot of work. Home automation can make your life a bit comfortable by automating different devices in your house. As a result, you do not have to worry about things like losing your keys or turning off your lights.

This is among the great advantages of home automation.  And you do not need to take frequent breaks from your work to adjust household items. That is how you can save your precious time and focus on things that really matter to you. It in turn increases your productivity.

Saves money

There is no doubt that you can save money if you have a home automation system. The system will lighten your monthly utility bill and reduce your anxiety. If you have a tight budget and you need to plan a lot before spending on household appliances, a home automation system can actually save your money in the long run.

One of the main advantages of home automation is that it helps you save money in the long run. You will have to spend less on everything including gas and water. The system provides more convenience because you will no longer have to frequently take a break from your work and get back to home to turn on or off something. On your part, you will not have to do a lot of things to lower the costs.

Increases peace of mind

A home automation system can greatly reduce your anxiety and give you some peace of mind. If you often forget whether you locked your front door or not, a home automation system can be very useful for you. This partly because no matter where you are, you can always use your smartphone to know whether the lights are turned on or off, and whether a door is locked or unlocked. Individuals who tend to forget things and worry a lot find home automation systems very useful.

Controlling things remotely

When you go out of town, you may give a key to your neighbor, hoping your neighbor to perform some household chores such as taking care of your dog, feeding the plant, or delivering the mail. But when you have a home automation system, you no longer need to hand over your keys or worry about losing the keys. Smart locks do not require physical keys.

One of the advantages of home automation is that you can control your devices even when you are away from your home. No matter where you are, you can lock and unlock your keys, so that your neighbor can enter your home only when you want. For many homeowners, this is very important. You are always in control of the situation, so you do not need to worry about burglars trying to break in your home.

Keeping tabs on your children

Keeping tabs on your children is very easy when you have a home automation system. To make sure that your children are safe, you can easily keep tabs on them. You do not need to get out of bed to ensure their safety. On security cameras, you can observe as they come and go. When they arrive home at night, the porch will be lit automatically.

If you are a busy parent, you will find this technology very helpful. You can easily know what they are doing and whether they are safe. In sum, you will be benefited in myriad ways if you invest in a home automation system, because there are numerous advantages of home automation.

Flexibility for new devices

You can integrate new devices very easily if you have smart home systems. Accommodation of new appliances is one of the well-known advantages of home automation. No matter how cutting-edge your appliances are, new ones will come soon, and you will want to purchase them. Home automation allows you to easily install more impressive models of appliances. You will have no difficulty replacing the older ones. You will be able to seamlessly integrate new appliances and devices.

Managing all devices from one place

Home automation can provide you with enormous convenience. It allows you to keep all devices connected together, and manage them from one place. When it comes to home management, home automation is really a massive step forward. Managing those devices is very easy. All you have to know is the right way to use an app on your smartphone.

Once you have home automation systems, there will be many devices throughout your home, and you will be able to manage those devices with you smartphone. Even if you are a new user, you will be able to learn it pretty quickly. The ability to use a smartphone to manage multiple devices in your home is one of the best advantages of home automation.

Energy efficiency

With a home automation system, it is easier to make your home more energy efficient. To some extent, it depends on how you use the technology. If you have programmable thermostat, it will gather data about your temperature preferences and work accordingly. As a result, you will have more control over the cooling and heating of your home.

This is among the most well-known advantages of home automation. The system will help you figure out the most energy-efficient settings for your home. You can program motorized shades and lights to turn on and off at certain times. When someone enters or leaves the home, the lights will automatically turn on and off.

Easy accessibility

If digital devices are scattered throughout your home, you will find it hard to manage them. But home automation makes it convenient for you to approach them. Easy accessibility is among the greatest advantages of home automation. From a single place, you can easily access all your devices.

All your devices have one access point and you can use it easily. In a smart home, typically you use your smartphone to manage all the devices. It is very easy to connect with the devices. You can manage the app even if you have no experience.       

Improved appliance functionality

Home automation also enables you to run the appliances better. If you use a smart TV, you will easily find the apps and channels you are looking for. If you have a smart oven, you will be able to cook your chicken easily, without worrying about undercooking or overcooking it.

When you make a list of the advantages of home automation, you must include improved appliance functionality. You can easily manage your music and movie collection if you have a smart home theater. You can in fact improve the effectiveness of your appliances when you connect them with automation technology.

Good for the environment

In this age of capitalism and consumerism, we all are doing things that are threatening the environment in one way or another. At the same time, people are more environmentally aware than ever. When you have a smart home, you leave fewer carbon footprints and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment. You also use less power when you have home automation products. When you are not using appliances and lights, they will be automatically turned off.  

Comfort for the whole family

When we think of the advantages of home automation, comfort is the first thing that comes to mind. Home automation ensures comfort for your family members and helps them stay together.  Once you have installed home automation systems in your house, every member of your family will enjoy the services. Home automation will help you being the family members closer, and together they will learn the capabilities of the technology.

Makes tasks more convenient

Home automation can greatly help you with repetitive tasks. The tasks will be automatically accomplished by the system. For example, when you are going to watch a movie, the lights of your home will be turned off or dimmed automatically. Convenience is one of the main advantages of home automation. Instead of using four different switches, you can easily accomplish the task with just one button.

Learning experience for children

As time passes, we are realizing that technology will stay here and we will need to keep learning about new technology. One of the best ways to make a bright future is to teach our children about technology. When children grow up in a smart home, they learn about many digital devices. In other words, home automation provides learning experience for children. This is among the greatest advantages of home automation.

Helps you save water

You tend to waste less water when you have a home automation system installed in your house. You will find the technology more useful if you live in an area where the cost of water fluctuates. If you have sprinkler control, you will be able to control the use of water and thus you will significantly cut your water bill. When they forecast rain, the sprinklers will be automatically shut down. You just need to install a system like Rachio in your house.

No need to use keys

When you have smart locks, you no longer need to worry about losing your keys, because smart locks do not require physical keys. These locks have numeric keypads, and you can easily integrate the locks into the home automation system. You just need to use a smartphone app to lock and unlock the doors. Even when you are not present at home, you can allow a person to enter your home, because you do not need to be physically present at home to lock or unlock the doors.

Fooling potential burglars

You can even use your home automation system to fool potential burglars. Yes, fooling potential burglars is one of the most impressive advantages of home automation. Before you go on vacation, do not plug the lamps into your traditional times, because if you do so, there will be the same pattern of lights every night. But if you have a home automation system, the pattern of light will be different every night, giving potential burglars the impression that you are still at home. Burglars will not try to break into your home, thinking that there is someone inside the home.

Less waste of energy

When you have a home automation system installed in your home, you save energy in a host of ways. Apart from heating and cooling systems, you have to use energy in other areas. Energy saving is one of the main advantages of home automation. Even when a device is in a standby mode, it can draw energy. When you are not using a device, your home automation system will shut it down and thus help you save energy.

Thus, a home automation system makes your life easier in a lot of ways. You can give your devices voice commands, and you can easily add new features to the system. When you can use a smartphone to control almost all the devices in your home, your everyday life will certainly become easier and more comfortable.

If you are ready to cash in on all these benefits and more, be sure to check out our list of 22 home automation ideas to get you started.