If you are thinking of reaping the benefits of home automation, you can do a host of things. It is not just a one trick pony. When you have a strong foundation, the possibilities are endless. Home automation enables you to control the basic systems and appliances of your home. Home automation provides security, convenience, comfort and peace of mind. In this post, we will give some of the best home automation ideas.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting has made life a bit more comfortable. In the past, we had no other option but to have different switches in different rooms. Today, we have LED technology that offers us more comfort. Among the common home automation ideas, smart lighting is a frequently used technology.

Now you can control the lights dynamically or automatically. In vacated rooms, the lights can be turned off by using motion detectors. After dark, the lights are turned on automatically. At some times of the day, programs lights are turned on automatically. Using a single button, you can control all lights and electronic devices in your home.

Home theater

If you have a fully integrated home theater system in your house, you can have a great time enjoying movies, sports and video games. Installing a home theater is one of the best home automation ideas. A home theater can make these experiences memorable.

Smart home technology has a numerous things to offer, and home theater is just the beginning. When you press play, the blinds will be automatically closed and the lights will be automatically dimmed. And when you press pause, the lights will be brought back up instantly. When you arrive home, the television will be turned on automatically.

Smart music

A smart music system adds a great value to a home. Smart music systems include music streaming services, iPods and vinyl records. Over the years, the technologies of music systems have evolved a lot. Smart technology is the latest addition to this evolution. Now, the way we enjoy music is very different from it was a decade ago.

In your house, you can stream music in every room. You can also install separate audio zones in each room and play different music. Now you can use your phone to control your home’s music system. When you enter the shower, the music will play automatically. There are also ways to create a soothing environment by combining mood lighting with music.

Smart home security

One of the most important home automation ideas is home security, because it provides safety and security of your home. You can integrate home security with your smartphone and other devices. This technology has made it very easy to protect your home.

For example, now you can use your smartphone to access your CCTV footage. To prevent an attempted intrusion, your home’s lights can be programmed accordingly. When you leave or arrive home, the doors can be automatically locked or unlocked. After dark, your doors can be automatically locked.

Smart garage door closer

To protect your garage, a smart garage door closer can greatly help you. If you forget to close the garage door, it will be shut automatically. This is one of the best home automation ideas. A smart garage door can be created using location triggers, a connected garage door opener, and motion sensors. So if you happen to leave the garage door open, you will not have to worry.

This is a smart system that uses artificial intelligence. For example, if you are still in the yard, the door will not shut automatically. The system knows when not to shut the door automatically. To implement this system, you need entry sensors, geofencing, motion sensors and real-time alerts.

Artificial sunrise

When the sun rises, we naturally wake up, because our body is pre-programmed to wake up at sunrise. Now there is a great home automation system that can help you maintain your Circadian Rhythm. Artificial sunrise is one of the amazing home automation ideas today. When you are supposed to wake up, the lights turn on slowly. The process mimics sunrise.

The lights can be set up to match your schedule. There is software that enables you to install weather forecast. For example, blue light indicates rain and yellow indicates sunny weather. To install this system, you need connected lights, RGB lights and weather connected hub. A home automation technician can help you install this system.

Welcoming party

You can make your life a bit more comfortable by setting up a welcoming party. When you arrive home, the lights will turn on automatically. And when you leave home, they will turn off. Location triggers are integrated into the system. As a result, the system will automatically know the time when you arrive and leave.

Also known as geofencing, location triggers work by determining your location by locating your smartphone. The system also includes a smart light switch which is controlled by the automation hub. By installing connected lights, you can accomplish this function.

Cooling and warming

One of the basic home automation ideas is to optimize the cooling and heating of your home. Right before you get home, your thermostat will cool or heat your home, resulting in the temperature suitable for your needs. And when you leave home, the thermostat will automatically turn it up or down. Before you arrive home, this system can automatically change the temperature of your room.

It works by triggering your A/C unit and using a location sensor. In order for it to work, you need a location sensor. But if you do not have a location sensor, you can set it to a “home” mode. To get the best out of this technology, you need a connected thermostat and location triggers.

Improvised geofencing

Some home automation ideas such as geofencing can not be integrated into an older alarm system. Improvised geofencing enables you to do just that. You can use this technology without upgrading the system. You can trigger specific functions by using a compatible app and placing your phone against an NFC tag.

If you are going to utilize a home automation idea that requires geofencing, feel free to use this integration. If you want something triggered, you will have to put NFC tags nearby. You will also need a smartphone that supports NFC tags.

Goodnight Google

Goodnight Google is a straightforward technology that uses your voice to turn off your lights. As a result, you can directly use your voice to initiate your bedtime. To use this technology, you have to connect your lights to your automation hub.

When you are going to sleep, you do not need to make an effort to turn off your lights. There are a few popular options to choose from. You can use Amazon Echo or Google Home as voice assistance. You will also need connected light switches or smart lights.

Automated bathroom nightlights

Sometimes in the middle of the night, we need to go to the bathroom. You may not like bright lights on when you step in the bathroom. You can make this experience a little more pleasant if you have a door sensor or motion sensor. The bathroom light will not blind you if it is dimmed on. In the morning, the light will automatically turn bright.

This is one of the home automation ideas you will find easy to implement. To use this technology, you need a smart light switch and a motion sensor. After 11 pm, the motion sensor will be triggered, and the light will turn on at just 1% power.

Automated bathroom fans

When you take a shower, your bathroom fan can be turned on or off automatically. This technology is based on the humidity inside the bathroom. The fan will automatically turn off when the humidity is less than 20%. A water sensor can be used in case there is no humidity sensor. You will have to place the water sensor in your shower.

This technology works even if you do not have a smart fan. You just need to replace the switch of your dumb fan with a smart switch. For this purpose, you can use the Lutron Smart Switches. These switches are affordable, easy to connect and nice looking.

Automated holiday spirit

If you forget to turn your Halloween or Christmas lights off, this technology can reduce your anxiety by automating the lights. This is one of the simplest but very useful home automation ideas. For this automation, you will need Z-Wave outlets or Z-Wave switches, and a wink hub. You just need to create a schedule that commands your holiday lights to turn on and off at certain times.

Intruder alert

You can keep your home safe from nighttime prowlers by simply turning on porch lights when the system detects motion. To set up this automation, you will need    Z-Wave connected lights, a ring doorbell, and wink hub. After sunset, the system will detect motion at the front door of your house. If there is any motion, all exterior lights will be automatically turned on and an alert will be sent to your phone. This technology can scare off burglars sneaking around your exterior.

Home sitter

This is one of the best home automation ideas for security. To implement this automation, you need Z-Wave connected lighting and wink hub. A home sitter has links which are used with a simple slide of a switch. If you install this technology, the internal and external lights of your home will turn on and off automatically. It will happen periodically, and people outside will assume that there is someone inside the home.

Workout time

You can also use your voice sensor to turn on and off your whole garage gym. You simply have to say it’s workout time. Your garage lights, fan, TV and your garage door will be turned on automatically. This is one of the most amazing home automation ideas.

For it to work properly, you need to set up the big 3 smart apps: IFTTT, Smartthings and Stringify. You normally should not get any device that does not connect to at least 1 of these 3 apps. And if you do, you will not be able to plug them into a string of events.

TV connected to Google Home

You can now control everything on your TV with your voice through Google Home. To do this, you have to replace your cable with YouTube TV, and then connect your TV to Chromecast. You also have to set up the Logitech Hub. When you use Google Home, you no longer need to use the remote. You just need to tell the TV what channel or show you need to watch. You can also tell your TV how long to rewind. This set up is one of the best home automation ideas.

Smart light dimmer switches

With a smart dimmer switch, you can switch out every light switch in your house. To turn them on or off, and to increase or decrease the brightness, you can conveniently use your dimmer switch. To turn them on or control them, you can use your voice or any other trigger. But why should you prefer smart switches to smart light bulbs.

The first reason is that smart light bulbs are expensive. You have to replace them when they break or die. The second reason is that people tend to turn the light switches off that control smart light bulbs. And if the light switch is off, they don’t work. The third reason is, you do not need to be Smartthings literate to turn on or off the lights. There is another reason why it is one of the best home automation ideas: they can be turned on any device you have preset.

Arrival or presence sensors

This is another smart device you can use. By working as a beeper, they can help you find your keys. But they are designed to do another useful thing: to detect whether you are at home or away from your home.

Using sensors is one of the simplest by most useful home automation ideas.  You can use them when you have to leave town. If you attach them to your dog’s collar, you will be notified when your dog gets out. If your dog passes outside a certain present area, you will get a notification that the dog is missing.


You can use your phone’s Global Positioning System to detect when you have entered or left an area larger than just your home. It can be used to trigger your smart thermostat. When your phone enters or leaves a radius from your home, you can have the thermostat turn on or off.

Using GPS is among the most useful home automation ideas. This is a very useful technology because your thermostat will start cooling your house when you are a few miles away from your house. Thus the thermostat will cool your house at the right time.

Smart doorbells

This device can ease your day to day life. No matter where you are in the world, you can see who is at your door, and decide whether to answer or not. This is among the best home automation ideas. To answer the door, you do not even need to leave your bed. This device has both a motion detector and a doorbell. They work as triggers. Any time the doorbell is pressed or there is motion, the system records it. When motion is detected at night, smart doorbells can also be used to turn on the lights.

Smart door lock

This device is another life changer. Once you have installed a smart door lock, you no longer need to worry about the keys to your front door. Smart door locks eliminate the need for physical keys. On your part, you just need to plug your code in. it locks and unlocks automatically. You can also control lock with your smartphone. Wherever you are, you can lock or unlock the door. Using a smart door lock is one of the common home automation ideas.  Whenever you unlock the door at nighttime, the entry lights turn on automatically.

To make life a bit more comfortable, people around the world are always trying to find new home automation ideas. If you are thinking of installing some smart devices, the ideas above will surely help you, and you won’t want to miss our complete beginner’s guide to home automation.